Web Services

JNS Internet offers you a full range of web services, giving you the option of starting out simple and graduating to one of the most sophisticated websites possible. If your website doesn’t have all critically important tools like sophisticated statistics reporting and a complete range of user services, you will never be able to determine the performance level of your site or maximize its marketing potential.

When you are just starting a new business, saving money on start-up costs is critical. Since we specialize in small business websites, our web services department can get your site up very economically, and gradually add sophisticated services to help your business grow as required.

As well as having an attractive or exciting looking website, your customers or prospects want it to be highly functional, offering a wide range of services that keeps them coming back to buy more product or for more support services.

Most importantly, for a very low cost, you have the same access to more sophisticated services enjoyed by larger, multi-national companies.


Identity Package Design

Even a great website is just a small piece of your business’s marketing. You need as great an identity for your offline communications as you do for your website. JNS Internet has teamed up with Pro Designers to bring you affordable and professional logo design, Identity Packages, brochure design, print ad design and other graphic design needs.
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Search Engine Optimization

If you have a great web site and nobody visits it, is it still a great website? Our Search Engine Optimization professionals will review your website and tweak it for Google, MSN, Yahoo and the other top Search Engines and web directories. We do not use automated techniques and review each website for HTML complaince, keyword use, navigation structure and 30 other tune-up points. With millions of sites on the Internet and new ones springing up daily, Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. We closely monitor the performance of your website against your top competitors and make the changes necessary to keep you at the top pages.
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Web Site Maintenance

A great-looking website only looks good when it’s current. Our various levels of maintenance packages enable you to be assured your site is always updated automatically. Our service staff automatically follows up with your staff at preset intervals, and always keeps your site current – automatically. This gives you more free time to do what you do best – make money.
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Template Modification

One of the most affordable ways to get a nice website is to purchase a template. Templates are great to get your website up fast but are often times difficult to modify with your logo, your text or your colors. JNS Internet can modify your template to match your current identity.
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Script Installation

There are thousands of scripts that you can purchase to increase the features available on your website. If you purchased a script and don’t know where to start, let JNS Internet install and test your script for you. We;ve installed thousands of different scripts, including php, asp, cgi and many other types of scripts for everything from calendars to blogs.
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