PayQuake Merchant Account

PayQuake Merchant Account

PayQuake Merchant AccountCapture your share of the booming Internet sales action!
If you sell goods or services on your site, make it easy for customers to pay you: Accept credit cards!

The Push Internet Merchant Account makes it easy on you, too. You can not only increase sales, you’ll cut paperwork and reduce risk, too! Our partners authorize credit card purchases, process them, and deposit the proceeds into your account. Your account is fast, hassle-free, and affordable.

If your business is U.S.-based, you can receive approval on your application within a day. Approval on International and Specialty accounts takes only seven to ten business days.

Once your application is approved, our partners will provide the information and assistance you need to integrate your existing cart to the commerce gateway (See instructions for linking to: AuthorizeNet Gateway).

It’s that easy!

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